It’s over

It wasn’t hard getting over my sadness. You see, I finally got the courage to ask my crush out and after he just ignored my text, he got the answer for me, no. I wasn’t devastated, I was just a little sad, because I just imagined us together. My friends were really supportive so that helped me as well. They thought it was very brave of me. I love them so much! I am still embarrassed and I know I don’t have any reason for that, but whenever I run into my (ex)crush, it is so awkward and I get embarrassed that I completely showed my feelings to him. Now I got to survive the christmas dance, where I asked him out for, but I got a beautiful dress and I will show him that he let an amazing girl go, haha! Why did he give me all those fake signs, I was really sure that he liked me, but no, nothing. He is just a dumb loser and I will find someone else. Someone who really loves me.


I freaking nailed my first test, but the two tests I had today didn’t went like I wanted. I don’t know what it’s called but I will call it society science, that one just sucked like always. I just can’t seem to get the information in my head. I also had a German test, which u freaked out over, because I had learned everything, but when I checked it, I got almost everything wrong… So I learned a lot of German words in one hour en the test went pretty good, I think… Let’s hope for the best!