I’m going to bed half an hour earlier than I’m used to. At least, I’m hoping I will. I’m just so tired, because I had to wake up really really early yesterday and today. Tomorrow I can wake up a little bit later, but still early, so yeah.


I’m going to tell you what my latest post was about, because you two asked about it :). Well, last night I went to church because there was a worship band kind of thing. They did some great songs and it was very beautiful. But when they started playing a ballad, I just started crying and it didn’t stop. I guess I was moved by the songs and God and stuff. I also thought about my grandpa, so that wasn’t helping either. I just get very emotional and sensitive about religion. So that’s about it. It wasn’t an overall sad post, but it kind of was…

Charcoal essay

I’m making an essay about charcoal for my art class. I really didn’t feel like doing it, but I started looking for books I could use and inspirational charcoal drawings, so I decided I should start. I made the cover page and an introduction and because of that, I’m now super motivated to make a really good essay! I’m going to experiment with charcoal and drawing as well, so I’m really looking forward to that! This is nice.


I don’t really talk about real serious stuff on my blog. That’s the reason why I haven’t posted anything for a while. There’s nothing new in my crush/love troubles and the one thing I CAN talk about, which I do really need to get of my chest, doesn’t belong on a blog, in my opinion. It’s not stuff I like to talk about to an invisible audience.
The only thing I can really say is that I’m really sure that my crush is a loser and that he’s at least interested in me. I see him sneaking a peek when he gets the chance. You don’t do that for no reason right? And that’s exactly why I can’t (sind don’t even want to) forget him.

We shouldn’t be jealous of each other. It only causes pain.
We shouldn’t feel better than others. It’s just not the truth.
We shouldn’t laugh at each other. It’s not the way to treat one another.
We should not harm others. How dare you do something like that.
Just respect each other. You have no other right than that.