And from that moment on, she fell in love with England.

Why can’t we just be happy

Why can’t we just be happy when we have a crush on somebody, when we love somebody? Isn’t love supposed to be making us happy, shouldn’t we enjoy it? I’m gonna do that from now on. I don’t care what happens, it’s just great being in love, I shouldn’t think about if it turns out right or not. I will just focus on how great love is. Yeah, I hope I won’t get sad about this anymore.

You make me laugh. In a non positive way. And you ruined my day. Lol.

And I didn’t do anything of my homework schedule, because I had to finish the stupid French letter. So now everything is going great and I don’t have to worry at all! Love my simple life.

Wow, I did my French letter in only three hours on a laptop. My test is going to go great, when I have to write it and we have 100 minutes to finish it.